May, 23-25, 2001, Grand Hotel Tarabya,
Istanbul, Turkey
(Field Trip on May 26, 2001)

Dear NATO ARW Partcicipants,

You all are welcome to NATO ARW which will be held on May 23-26, Istanbul. We would like to give some brief information before your travel.


The best and convenient transport from the Airport to Grand Hotel Tarabya is taxi. It costs 20-25 Dollars. (Maximum 3 persons with luggages)


There will be 9 sessions with 58 presentations. There will also be 20 minutes duration for discussions and remarks at the end of the sessions. Thus 10 minutes duration can be allocated for the presentation of each abstracts.

The program will be available soon (on May, 17, 2001, Thursday) in the web page


There will be overhead projector, slide machine and LCD projector for the presentations. The participants who plan to use LCD projector, please contact till May 18, 2001, Friday for better preperation.

There is no need for the participants who have already contacted.


There will be two computers connected to internet at hotel for e-mail service.


According to forecasts the weather is expected sunny during workshop days. Since the duration of spring rains extended to May in this year, we suggest you to bring your rain wear in case of rain.


There will be two different social events for the evening of May 23 and May 24.

May 23, 2001, Wednesday evening:The optinal dinner called "Turkish Spectecular Night" is going to be heldon May 23, 2001, wednesday evening,. This is an orientalist entertainment with wprld famous Turkish Folcloric Dance shows and Belly Dance shows which are going to be performed by the well known Belly Dances famous through the country. In the show night you are going to have a chance to taste the tradiitional Turkish cookery with the alcholic drinks and beverages.   The participants who need more information can contact METU Travel. More infromation and reservation for this event will be available at the information desk.

May 24, 2001, Thursday evening:"Sultans of the Dance" is   a very professional attraction which contains about 1500 dance figures within the show time been performed by the very best of the "Dance Team" with 120 dancers. The similars of this show can only be seen in Broadway or in Paris. The activity is going in the biggest "show land" of the country.

Our program also includes dinner and transportation going to be combined with the show to make your night unforgettible. We could obtain limited number of tickets for May 24 show only. All tickects for the shows till the end of June are sold out. More infromation and reservation for this event will be available at the information desk.

GALA DINNER May 25, 2001, Friday evening:

The Gala dinner will be in the criuse along Bosphorus Straight in between Asia/Europe and will start directly in front of the Tarabya Hotel. During the dinner Aegean and Mediterranean music will trigger some dance mechanisms. We all are confident that the participants will not hesitate to excite the dance hazards.

Cost:  $ 45. (Free for registered participants and accompanying persons)

FIELD TRIP May 26, 2001, Saturday, 9:00am-7:00:pm

The field trip will be on May 26 to Izmit Bay Degirmendere town. We will depart from Grand Hotel Tarabya and pass to Asia and follow expressway to the Korfez harbor (north coast).  We will embark the  boat "Abanoz" for excursion in Izmit bay. "Abanoz" was berthed at Degirmendere pier at the night of earthquake. The pier subsided during the earthquake by the slump at the coastal area. One boat sank, a ship dragged to land and the boat "Abanoz" survived. The captain rescued about 50 people from the sea. During the excursion captain Mr. Huseyin Abanoz will explain his experiences. We will disembark at Ulasli port (south coast) and pass to Degirmendere for survey at Degirmendere with the supervision of technical persons of Degirmendere Municipality. Lunch will be served at a nice restaurant at Degirmendere with a very nice view of Izmit bay. 

Cost:  $ 30. (Free for registered participants and accompanying persons)



The Workshop Hotel has very good recreational facilities with two (covered and open) swimming pools and Turkish Hamam (Sauna). We suggest you to bring swimming wear to enjoy the leisure time perfectly.

We thank you all very much for your very valuable contributions to Workshop and cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul and show our sincere hospitality.

The Committe